Systevo Control - 72700A1


  • Operation as master/slave controller, depending on the addressing/configuration
  • Communication (data/audio) with other controllers via ETH-LAN or the station bus POF (max. 64)
  • Max. number of (logical) groups: 250 (per system)
  • Software download for system components (where possible), firmware updates, remote maintenance/SNMP-fct (with PC), basic commissioning
  • SD card slot for future firmware or licence updates
  • Connection board for surface-mounted assembly
  • Centralized and decentralized installation
  • Data preservation in case of power failure in accordance with DIN VDE 0834-1: 2016-06 (UPS required)
  • Option for redundant power supply via secondary feed
  • Local emergency operation mode in case of failure of the system master controller
  • Sequential monitoring of the connected active components, additional controllers in the system network, and the PC communication in accordance with DINVDE 0834-1: 2016-06
  • 1 x relay contact for reporting faults (NCC / NOC)
  • Galvanic separation from other control units through ETH-LAN or POF connection
  • Status display via LEDs
  • Flash for data storage of the system