NFS2-640 Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel


  • Certified for seismic applications when used with the appropriate
    seismic mounting kit.
  • Approved for Marine applications when used with listed compatible equipment. See DN-60688.
  • One, expandable to two, isolated intelligent Signaling Line Circuit
    (SLC) Class A, B, or X.
  • Wireless fire protection using SWIFT Smart Wireless Integrated
    Fire Technology. See DN-60820.
  • Up to 159 detectors and 159 modules per SLC; 318 devices per
    loop/636 per FACP or network node.
    – Detectors can be any mix of photo, thermal, or multi-sensor;
    wireless detectors are available for use with the FWSG(A).
    – Modules include addressable pull stations, normally open contact devices, two-wire smoke detectors, notification, or relay;
    wireless modules are available for use with the FWSG(A).
  • Standard 80-character display, 640-character large display
    (NCA-2), or display-less (a node on a network).
  • Network options:
    – High-speed network for up to 200 nodes (N16e/x, NFS2-3030,
    NFS2-640, NFS-320(C), NFS-320SYS, NCD, NCA-2, DVC-EM,
    ONYXWorks, NFS-3030, NFS-640, and NCA).
    – Standard network for up to 103 nodes (N16e/x, NFS2-3030,
    NFS2-640, NFS-320(C), NFS-320SYS, NCD, NCA-2, DVC-EM,
    ONYXWorks, NCS, NFS-3030, NFS-640, NCA, AFP-200, AFP300/400, AFP-1010, and AM2020). Up to 54 nodes when DVCEM is used in network paging.
  • 6.0 A switch mode power supply with four Class A/B built-in Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC). Selectable System Sensor,
    Wheelock, or Gentex strobe synchronization.
  • Built-in Alarm, Trouble, Security, and Supervisory relays.
  • Optional cloud connectivity for remote off site monitoring through
    CLSS (see HON-62034)
  • Monitor multiple buildings through one off-campus central station,
    and report through the CLSS Gateway
  • Optional remote programing through CLSS
  • Field-programmable on panel or on PC.
  • VeriFire® Tools online or offline programming utility. Upload/
    Download, save, store, check, compare, and simulate panel databases. Upgrade panel firmware.
  • Autoprogramming and Walk Test reports.
  • Multiple central station communication options:
    – Standard UDACT
    – Internet
    – Internet/GSM
  • 80-character remote annunciators (up to 32).
  • EIA-485 annunciators, including custom graphics.
  • Printer interface (80-column and 40-column printers).
  • History file with 800-event capacity in nonvolatile memory, plus
    separate 200-event alarm-only file.
  • Alarm Verification selection per point, with automatic counter.
  • Presignal/Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS).
  • Silence inhibit and Auto Silence timer options.
  • March time/temporal/California two-stage coding/strobe synchronization.
  • Full QWERTY keypad.
  • Battery charger supports 18 – 200 AH batteries.
  • Non-alarm points for lower priority functions.
  • Remote ACK/Signal Silence/System Reset/Drill using monitor
  • Automatic time control functions, with holiday exceptions.
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) electronics.
  • Extensive, built-in transient protection.