AMPS-24/E Power Supply


  • Addressable by NFS-3030/NFS2-3030 FACP.
  • Selectable charging current charges 7 AH to 200 AH batteries.
  • Isolated Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) interface.
  • Trouble bus input for use with normally-open dry contacts or
    open-collector circuit.
  • USB Type B connector for programming installation parameters.
  • Brownout detection.
  • Battery/battery charger supervision.
  • Secondary Power Auxiliary Outputs: 24V @ 0.5A and 5V @
  • AC loss detection and AC loss delay reporting.
  • Mounts in a CAB-4 Series enclosure, EQ Cabinet Series
    enclosure, BB-25, BB-100, or BB-200 Battery Backbox.